Taking It To The Next Level

Oh, the places I will go... It is now, as of me typing this article, one year and a week since I started my work in the Cumberland Ranger District of the Daniel Boone National Forest. It seems like all that time flew-by. I feel honored to have worked with such fantastic people in this … Continue reading Taking It To The Next Level

This Needs To Stop

In several previous blog posts, I have mentioned that working outdoors to protect the resource and educate visitors of this national forest is not an easy task. Many people have a preconceived - and very misguided - notion that rangers, and others in this line of work, enjoy a simple, laid-back life. The general assumption is … Continue reading This Needs To Stop

Reconditioning a Crosscut Saw: Ward’s Master Quality Part 1

Yep, I can definitely say that I have been bitten by the crosscut-love bug. It's just too much fun fixing-up a rusty saw that probably hasn't seen use in decades, transforming it back into a functional tool, and then working with it. The symptoms for my affliction (or, perhaps, addiction) include spending multiple hours in … Continue reading Reconditioning a Crosscut Saw: Ward’s Master Quality Part 1

Trail Axe-tion!

I haven't done much axe work in awhile. Most of the trail maintenance I've done lately has been on part of a sawyer team (chainsaw work in the Geological Area) as well as bucking with my trusty Silky Bigboy. So when I heard about this month's volunteer trail outing on the 11th, I couldn't pass … Continue reading Trail Axe-tion!

A New Direction

Alright folks, the new site has been unveiled.....welcome to The Untrammeled Wild. I've made quite a few changes to the site layout and appearance, but more importantly I want to state that this site's primary focus will be about outdoor stewardship and conservation. As outdoorsmen/women, it is our responsibility to care for and protect these … Continue reading A New Direction

The Clifty Wilderness

Of all the places here, in and around the Red River Gorge, my favourite spot would have to be the Clifty Wilderness. At close to 13,000 acres, Clifty borders the adjacent Red River Gorge Geological Area, with its own share of natural arches as well as rugged terrain. My previous post depicted some parts of … Continue reading The Clifty Wilderness