Trail Axe-tion!

I haven't done much axe work in awhile. Most of the trail maintenance I've done lately has been on part of a sawyer team (chainsaw work in the Geological Area) as well as bucking with my trusty Silky Bigboy. So when I heard about this month's volunteer trail outing on the 11th, I couldn't pass … Continue reading Trail Axe-tion!

New Life For An Old Double Bit

Back in December, after scanning ebay for quality, inexpensive axe heads, I landed a great deal with a gentleman from Idaho. He was selling an unmarked Michigan pattern double-bit for $20.80 with free shipping. Aside from some minor pitting and surface rust, a few chips on one of the blades, and some dings from a … Continue reading New Life For An Old Double Bit

Refurbishing An Old Crosscut Saw: Part 1

Originally, I planned on doing this in one article, but realistically, it would be a lengthy read - I think it is better to upload this project in a 2 or 3 part series. This is a learning process for me, and up until I worked with the Forest Service to help manage wilderness areas, … Continue reading Refurbishing An Old Crosscut Saw: Part 1

Back In the Irish Wilderness

Well folks, after spending all of July and half of August working for our Recreation Managers in the Potosi District of Mark Twain National Forest, my time to collect solitude and recreation site data in my 3 assigned wilderness areas has come again. I have just come back from a week spent gathering data from … Continue reading Back In the Irish Wilderness

Trail Work in the Bell Mtn Wilderness

Whilst I am out recording solitude and recreation site monitoring info for the Forest Service, I often have some extra time to maintain the trails, which is also a duty for a Wilderness Ranger. Of course, since I am out mostly by myself, there is a disadvantage with the amount of trail work I can … Continue reading Trail Work in the Bell Mtn Wilderness

Forest Service: Monitoring the Rock Pile Mtn Wilderness

The Rock Pile Mtn Wilderness is one of the three areas that I will be managing during my time here in Missouri. It is just over 4200 acres in size, comprising of mostly hardwood forest including a few rocky glades, with some very rugged trail sections. As it is in a remote location with tricky … Continue reading Forest Service: Monitoring the Rock Pile Mtn Wilderness

Howdy From Missouri!

Well now, it seems as if the days have already flown-by! I've been "off-grid", as it were, for about a week. I almost forgot about computers entirely until my supervisor, BJ (aka "Big John the Badass"), told me he would try to arrange my computer access at a desk in the Potosi Ranger Station here … Continue reading Howdy From Missouri!