This Needs To Stop

In several previous blog posts, I have mentioned that working outdoors to protect the resource and educate visitors of this national forest is not an easy task. Many people have a preconceived - and very misguided - notion that rangers, and others in this line of work, enjoy a simple, laid-back life. The general assumption is … Continue reading This Needs To Stop

Reconditioning a Crosscut Saw: Ward’s Master Quality Part 2

With the filing process completed, it was time to take the saw out from the workshop and into the field for some trail runs. I also wanted to compare it to my other single bucking crosscut (W. Bingham Co.). At 4 ft (blade length), this saw is a good compromise between portability and cutting efficiency. … Continue reading Reconditioning a Crosscut Saw: Ward’s Master Quality Part 2

Trail Axe-tion!

I haven't done much axe work in awhile. Most of the trail maintenance I've done lately has been on part of a sawyer team (chainsaw work in the Geological Area) as well as bucking with my trusty Silky Bigboy. So when I heard about this month's volunteer trail outing on the 11th, I couldn't pass … Continue reading Trail Axe-tion!

Big Changes Coming to this Blog

OK folks, just wanted to update you all about my plan for this site. Those of you who have been following for awhile now know that I have a lot to contribute, and I cover a wide variety of topics and genres in regards to the outdoors. I've noticed that my posts are slowly drifting … Continue reading Big Changes Coming to this Blog

Summer Backpacking in the Gorge

To say that the Red River Gorge Geological Area is a popular attraction is an understatement. I cannot give accurate annual statistics in regards to visitor usage, but believe me, there are days (weekends and holidays) with long lines at both ends of Nada Tunnel, when trail-head parking overflows, when the Red River itself becomes … Continue reading Summer Backpacking in the Gorge

I Love Rainy Days…

It is a truth that fewer people (in general) go out hiking in wet weather. Popular trails and points of interest usually thick with visitors and summer-outers become sparse or even empty. But those of us who do go out in the "less than favourable" weather are rewarded with solitude and sometimes spectacular views of … Continue reading I Love Rainy Days…

The Clifty Wilderness

Of all the places here, in and around the Red River Gorge, my favourite spot would have to be the Clifty Wilderness. At close to 13,000 acres, Clifty borders the adjacent Red River Gorge Geological Area, with its own share of natural arches as well as rugged terrain. My previous post depicted some parts of … Continue reading The Clifty Wilderness