From Rusted Metal to Singing Steel; A Crosscut Saw Restoration Part 2

With my lovely crosscut restored to working order, I was more than a little eager to "let her rip". Winter is a good time for saw work. For the most part, visitor use dwindles significantly due to inclement weather and lower temperatures, and passing storms often leave more than a few blow-downs across our system … Continue reading From Rusted Metal to Singing Steel; A Crosscut Saw Restoration Part 2

Backpacking Across The Gorge

Ever since I started working here in the Red River Gorge Geological Area back in early March, I longed to set aside time for some backpacking in the area. I've been focused on my job for much of the year, working as much as 55 hours a week during the busy months when visitor use … Continue reading Backpacking Across The Gorge

I Love Rainy Days…

It is a truth that fewer people (in general) go out hiking in wet weather. Popular trails and points of interest usually thick with visitors and summer-outers become sparse or even empty. But those of us who do go out in the "less than favourable" weather are rewarded with solitude and sometimes spectacular views of … Continue reading I Love Rainy Days…

The Clifty Wilderness

Of all the places here, in and around the Red River Gorge, my favourite spot would have to be the Clifty Wilderness. At close to 13,000 acres, Clifty borders the adjacent Red River Gorge Geological Area, with its own share of natural arches as well as rugged terrain. My previous post depicted some parts of … Continue reading The Clifty Wilderness