Primitive Skills: Bark Quiver

I've been messing around with tree bark lately...more specifically, from a Slippery Elm (Ulmus rubra) that came down in a storm back in early July. I was working at the Gladie Visitor Center one rainy morning when some visitors reported that a tree was down across one lane of the nearby road. I walked out … Continue reading Primitive Skills: Bark Quiver

Primitive Bushcraft: Grass Coiled-Basket

Aside from vine woven and various bark baskets, grasses were a widespread resource for our ancestors to make containers with. They were also very useful for a variety of things, from fire-making to shelter-building, and even foraging.Some grasses, like maize, rice, and ancient forms of wheat, were instrumental in the development of human-kind with the … Continue reading Primitive Bushcraft: Grass Coiled-Basket

Nature’s Waterstones

Keeping your equipment in tip-top shape is undoubtedly necessary for your own comfort and safety, and nowhere is this point more stressed in the Bushcraft Community than in the functionality of your cutting tools, particularly when it comes to sharpening. As such, many outdoorsmen/women take pride in their blades and the maintenance of a keen … Continue reading Nature’s Waterstones

Survival Knives

There has been much discussion over recent years about survival knives, fed by the enthusiasm generated through popular TV shows such as ‘Man vs. Wild’, ‘Dual Survival’, ‘Survivorman’, and others. Many will say that the knife is the most important tool in wilderness survival, and while I can agree with this statement up to a … Continue reading Survival Knives