What’s Your Point?

Along with my growing interest in learning primitive skills, I have become rather addicted to aboriginal (or "abo") flint-knapping. I've been busting and beating on rocks for awhile, though now I have access to better quality material due to my geographic location. Up in Connecticut, the local materials are far from ideal for creating specialized … Continue reading What’s Your Point?

Primitive Skills: Bark Quiver

I've been messing around with tree bark lately...more specifically, from a Slippery Elm (Ulmus rubra) that came down in a storm back in early July. I was working at the Gladie Visitor Center one rainy morning when some visitors reported that a tree was down across one lane of the nearby road. I walked out … Continue reading Primitive Skills: Bark Quiver

Autumnal Foraging and Hand Drill Practice

The wheel of the year has turned again, and with it come cool, crisp nights, and a deep Earthy aroma of leaves ablaze in vibrant colours. Across the state, farmers are making a final push of effort before the upcoming harvest. We've had a very dry summer and weeks of hot weather. But the apple … Continue reading Autumnal Foraging and Hand Drill Practice