A New Direction

Alright folks, the new site has been unveiled.....welcome to The Untrammeled Wild. I've made quite a few changes to the site layout and appearance, but more importantly I want to state that this site's primary focus will be about outdoor stewardship and conservation. As outdoorsmen/women, it is our responsibility to care for and protect these … Continue reading A New Direction

Big Changes Coming to this Blog

OK folks, just wanted to update you all about my plan for this site. Those of you who have been following for awhile now know that I have a lot to contribute, and I cover a wide variety of topics and genres in regards to the outdoors. I've noticed that my posts are slowly drifting … Continue reading Big Changes Coming to this Blog

Forest Service: Solitude Monitoring

One of the techniques the Forest Service uses to better manage wilderness areas is through "solitude monitoring", which is part of my work duties here in Missouri as a Wilderness Ranger intern. This involves in-field research of investigating different zones (transition, remote, and pristine) within designated wilderness areas to record statistics such as visitor encounters, … Continue reading Forest Service: Solitude Monitoring