What’s Your Point?

Along with my growing interest in learning primitive skills, I have become rather addicted to aboriginal (or "abo") flint-knapping. I've been busting and beating on rocks for awhile, though now I have access to better quality material due to my geographic location. Up in Connecticut, the local materials are far from ideal for creating specialized … Continue reading What’s Your Point?

Primitive Skills: Bark Quiver

I've been messing around with tree bark lately...more specifically, from a Slippery Elm (Ulmus rubra) that came down in a storm back in early July. I was working at the Gladie Visitor Center one rainy morning when some visitors reported that a tree was down across one lane of the nearby road. I walked out … Continue reading Primitive Skills: Bark Quiver

Primitive Bushcraft: Grass Coiled-Basket

Aside from vine woven and various bark baskets, grasses were a widespread resource for our ancestors to make containers with. They were also very useful for a variety of things, from fire-making to shelter-building, and even foraging.Some grasses, like maize, rice, and ancient forms of wheat, were instrumental in the development of human-kind with the … Continue reading Primitive Bushcraft: Grass Coiled-Basket

Primitive Bushcraft: Vine Pack Basket

For thousands of years, before the introduction and widespread use of cloth carrying sacks, primitive peoples worldwide wove wooden splints, vines, and tree barks into pack baskets as a way of transporting goods. They are still very much in use in some parts of the world despite the availability of modern materials. In Malaysia, for … Continue reading Primitive Bushcraft: Vine Pack Basket

Primitive Bushcraft: Vine Basketry and Weaving

Containers are undoubtedly an essential part of our kit, and in this luxurious modern world, we have access to all different sorts of materials with which containers can be made from. We can buy robust stainless steel kettles and ultralight titanium pots for cooking, slim rubber and PU coated nylon washing basins which fold flat … Continue reading Primitive Bushcraft: Vine Basketry and Weaving