Review: Olicamp Stainless Kettle and Emerblit Stove

Since May this year I made the switch to a gluten-free diet, and I’m glad to say that the change has helped me a lot. But I’ve gotten tired of the constant “boil-‘n-bag” meals, so over the past few months, I’ve had to re-think my cook system and the foods I prepare. For the past … Continue reading Review: Olicamp Stainless Kettle and Emerblit Stove

Review: Martiini Arctic Circle

Martiini is another respected Scandinavian manufacturer, with a long tradition of making quality blades in Finland since 1928. Here in the States, they are more known for their excellent filleting knives sold under the Rapala brand, but they also make superb folders as well as traditional puukkos, such as the Arctic Circle. It has a … Continue reading Review: Martiini Arctic Circle

Review: Mora Companion Heavy Duty

Mora has quite the reputation for making quality yet very affordable knives. Because of this, they are immensely popular among outdoor-living instructors, backpackers, and seasoned Bushcrafters as well as novices alike. The blades may not look as pretty as a $350 custom knife, but they are every bit as functional. The Companion Heavy Duty is … Continue reading Review: Mora Companion Heavy Duty