Autumnal Foraging and Hand Drill Practice

The wheel of the year has turned again, and with it come cool, crisp nights, and a deep Earthy aroma of leaves ablaze in vibrant colours. Across the state, farmers are making a final push of effort before the upcoming harvest. We've had a very dry summer and weeks of hot weather. But the apple … Continue reading Autumnal Foraging and Hand Drill Practice

The Bountiful Autumn Olive

The scent of the first fallen leaves fills the air with an invigorating aroma as summer comes to a close. Some would call this seasonal change an “Indian Summer”…I prefer to think of it as the “eves of autumn”, since our summers are typically hot and humid, though this year it has been unusually mild … Continue reading The Bountiful Autumn Olive

Summer Forage 2014

Happy (late) Independence Day! I hope you have all enjoyed your 4th of July weekend . The weather has finally cooled-down some after a week of high temperatures with equally high humidity, thanks to the knock-out blow provided by some intense thunderstorms. Taking advantage of this, I ventured out for the seasonal forage. One of … Continue reading Summer Forage 2014

GoBotany…an Online Guide to Plant ID

Just thought I’d share with you all a wonderful source for identifying plants and trees of this part of the northeastern US - I have found it incredibly useful for pin-pointing individual species, as many field guides often list only a few common varieties of a specific plant genus. Gobotany has a ‘Simple’ and ‘Full … Continue reading GoBotany…an Online Guide to Plant ID