Cathedral Pines Preserve

Over 300 years ago, long before the American Revolution and French and Indian War, back in the early days of the colonies, the first settlers must have looked upon the vast forests of spire-like trees with awe...and some trepidation. Many explorers and naturalists were delighted to find an assortment of tree varieties which bore striking … Continue reading Cathedral Pines Preserve

Winter Trekking Through a Snowstorm

Recently, the Northeastern US received a surprise visit from Old Man Winter. Weather forecasters predicted snowfall accumulations of 8-15 inches across Connecticut ahead of the first major winter storm of the season. Just to point out how random New England weather can be, temperatures in some parts of the state reached an incredibly mild 60 … Continue reading Winter Trekking Through a Snowstorm

April Snow and Ice

I dare say that we have not had winter here in the northeastern US. It seems more like an extension of spring. Some parts of the region did see a few snowstorms, but temperatures throughout have fluctuated quite dramatically, up and down, and mostly up. This has impacted the wildlife and flora noticeably. In mid … Continue reading April Snow and Ice

Yuletide Winter Hike on the Ives’ Trail

This post is a month overdue, but nevertheless here it is. On my bush-biking trip I had mentioned a desire to come back in winter for a snowshoeing trek  along the continuation of the Ives' up Spruce Mtn, Pine Mtn, through Hemlock Hills Open Space and then to the Bennett's Pond Trail System. Well, in … Continue reading Yuletide Winter Hike on the Ives’ Trail

Chaga Tea, Wintergreen at Beaver Lake

On the 15th of this month, after more than a week of dreadful humidity and high temperatures, the weather toned down to a comfortable 75 F/24 C after a strong cold front dispelled the muggy haze of mid summer. July days here are rarely so pleasurable, so I snatched the opportunity for another trip to … Continue reading Chaga Tea, Wintergreen at Beaver Lake

National Trails Day and a Double Score

This post is a bit late due to troublesome computer hardware malfunctioning, but thankfully all is well now. The first National Trails Day began 22 years ago on the 5th of June in 1993, initiated by the American Hiking Society. Across the country, hundreds of outdoor societies and organisations, including the National Park Service, took … Continue reading National Trails Day and a Double Score