What’s Your Point?

Along with my growing interest in learning primitive skills, I have become rather addicted to aboriginal (or "abo") flint-knapping. I've been busting and beating on rocks for awhile, though now I have access to better quality material due to my geographic location. Up in Connecticut, the local materials are far from ideal for creating specialized … Continue reading What’s Your Point?

Trail Axe-tion!

I haven't done much axe work in awhile. Most of the trail maintenance I've done lately has been on part of a sawyer team (chainsaw work in the Geological Area) as well as bucking with my trusty Silky Bigboy. So when I heard about this month's volunteer trail outing on the 11th, I couldn't pass … Continue reading Trail Axe-tion!

3 Days Backpacking the Appalachian Trail

I didn't think that the autumn season here in the Red River Gorge was going to be as busy as I had thought back in the summer. On a Saturday in October, Gladie Visitor Center tallied over 800 people for the day; according to a seasonal employee, it was the highest number of visitors she … Continue reading 3 Days Backpacking the Appalachian Trail