A New Direction

Alright folks, the new site has been unveiled…..welcome to The Untrammeled Wild. I’ve made quite a few changes to the site layout and appearance, but more importantly I want to state that this site’s primary focus will be about outdoor stewardship and conservation. As outdoorsmen/women, it is our responsibility to care for and protect these resources not only for ourselves, but for future generations to enjoy.

That said, I will still post articles about bush skills, primitive technologies, wild plants, and so-forth because these are strong interests of mine, and I want to share that fascination. I will also continue to upload my trip reports. Because of my work schedule, I may not be able to post more than twice a month. Right now we’re conducting solitude monitoring in the Clifty Wilderness. I have devoted a lot of my time to understanding the new, enhanced wilderness protocol for solitude surveying, and implementing that to formulate a monitoring plan. Fortunately, we have some students from Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) who will be helping conduct the monitoring. I am rather excited to be a part of this. I will go into greater detail about the Clifty Wilderness in a future post.

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