I Love Rainy Days…

It is a truth that fewer people (in general) go out hiking in wet weather. Popular trails and points of interest usually thick with visitors and summer-outers become sparse or even empty. But those of us who do go out in the “less than favourable” weather are rewarded with solitude and sometimes spectacular views of the landscape, shaped or shaded by the weather conditions.

Some days back I had the pleasure of visiting a few areas in the Red River Gorge National Geological Area that I hadn’t yet been to. Low, grey stratus clouds brought an enduring light rain, and with it came cool temperatures in the 50s as well as great shrouds of mist.

One of the first spots we (myself and three other backcountry ranger coworkers) checked-out was in the area of Sky Bridge.



And here is Sky Bridge itself:


At this angle it almost looks like the side of a dinosaur :P.


Later during the day we stopped along Chimney Top Rd and came across a few people taking it all in. And no wonder, for with views such as these, it is hard to leave.




Spring in the Gorge is incredibly beautiful. I haven’t seen an ecosystem so diverse nor so majestic. The smoky veils of meandering mists seemed to compliment the already lush and blossoming landscape.


It was hard for me to walk away, as well. I was soaking in the rich,  green ambience like a sponge. Days such as this create enduring memories and sharpen one’s respect and love for the natural world. 🙂



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