A New Beginning

Well folks, it’s official: in this follow-up post to my ‘Update 2016‘ article, it is my great pleasure to announce to you all that I will be heading down to Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri for a 6 month Wilderness Ranger internship with the Student Conservation Association. I just got the confirmation call today after an interview yesterday, and I thought I would share the good news with you :). Here’s some information about the job from the SCA’s website:

Wilderness Ranger Intern
This position is located on The Mark Twain National Forest, and covers the Potosi/Fredericktown and Doniphan/ Eleven Point Ranger Districts. Incumbent performs a variety of technical work in support of the unit wilderness program in the area of recreation, ecology, data collection, and trails.
Major Duties:

Performs inventorying and monitoring of specific resources for Limits of Acceptable Change process.

Inspects assigned areas to determine compliance with regulations or specifications.  Explains or enforces use regulations according to Wilderness Act.  Prepares reports on conditions of camps and facilities.  Maintains visitors use records and prepares visitors use information for data processing.

Assist agency personnel with violation information.  Collects evidence and provides documentation for cases of misuse of wilderness areas.  Documents destruction to or impacts on campsites.  Analyzes ways to educate users.

Identifies restoration projects for planning future restoration projects.

Works closely with supervisor to ensure all administrative tasks are accomplished promptly and efficiently.  Writes responses to general inquiries regarding wilderness management.  Organizes or maintains wilderness library of current issues, technical articles, maps and slides.

Inventories signs and check for accuracy and maintenance level.  Gathers specific data on wilderness conditions.

Educates user groups on “Leave No Trace” camping techniques and packing out garbage.  Responsible for curtailing the improper management of human waste and educating people on importance of campsites placed away from water sources.

Work is performed outdoors where there is exposure to extremes of weather and temperature.  Work area varies from established administrative areas to wilderness areas.  Work requires the use of safety equipment such as tools, gloves, goggles and hard hat.  Requires working and living under primitive conditions.


Training Opportunities:

Wilderness Training
Saw training (crosscut and chainsaw)
Trail Maintenance Training
Wild land Fire training

Federal government defensive driving training


That pretty much covers it at a glance. My accommodations will be on-site, and I will receive a healthy weekly living allowance stipend ($160-$220). After completing the wildland fire training, I will be paid $16/h on top of it all by the Forest Service. Health insurance is optional, but is provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield, which is standard for all SCA and federal government internships and jobs.

I start work officially the first week of May. I can’t express adequately my joy and anticipation of this opportunity. My ambitions are becoming a reality, and you are all going to be a part of it :).

That said, this is certainly not an end to my blog, though I cannot promise I’ll be able to post frequently with a 40 hour a week schedule. However, I’ll post as often as I can, and I’ll try to show the work that I’ll be doing. I am very much looking forward to this :).

On a final note, and slightly off-topic, I have other posts that are overdue, and those will be coming out sometime in the near future. So stay tuned :D.



4 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. Thanks, guys :). I’m really excited for this. My supervisor also just arranged for us to attend a training week in Pisagh National Forest in North Carolina (near Asheville). This is for ‘wilderness skills and education’, provided by the Wilderness Skills Institute. My supervisor will be one of the instructors. Accommodations will be under the stars, just the way I like it :).


  2. Hey, thats great news amigo!
    all the very best and remember if they ever send you to Yellowstone park be sure and look me up…wishing you well…woods


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