Howdy From Missouri!

Well now, it seems as if the days have already flown-by! I've been "off-grid", as it were, for about a week. I almost forgot about computers entirely until my supervisor, BJ (aka "Big John the Badass"), told me he would try to arrange my computer access at a desk in the Potosi Ranger Station here … Continue reading Howdy From Missouri!

Primitive Bushcraft: Grass Coiled-Basket

Aside from vine woven and various bark baskets, grasses were a widespread resource for our ancestors to make containers with. They were also very useful for a variety of things, from fire-making to shelter-building, and even foraging.Some grasses, like maize, rice, and ancient forms of wheat, were instrumental in the development of human-kind with the … Continue reading Primitive Bushcraft: Grass Coiled-Basket

April Snow and Ice

I dare say that we have not had winter here in the northeastern US. It seems more like an extension of spring. Some parts of the region did see a few snowstorms, but temperatures throughout have fluctuated quite dramatically, up and down, and mostly up. This has impacted the wildlife and flora noticeably. In mid … Continue reading April Snow and Ice

A New Beginning

Well folks, it's official: in this follow-up post to my 'Update 2016' article, it is my great pleasure to announce to you all that I will be heading down to Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri for a 6 month Wilderness Ranger internship with the Student Conservation Association. I just got the confirmation call today … Continue reading A New Beginning