Back in the Saddle Again…

Last week I finally brought out my commuter/mountain bike and gave it a tune up for a new season after it spent most of last year and the year prior in the garage. I didn’t do much cycling during that time because I wanted to focus more on walking exercises…and Connecticut drivers aren’t exactly mindful (to say the least) of anyone who isn’t travelling via a motorised vehicle on the roads. For me, both cycling and walking have benefited my overall well-being because it allows me slow down and pay attention more to what’s around. You can’t get that in a car, at least not as easily, because everyone is rushed and concerned only with getting to their destination quickly. But perhaps this is why more and more people are starting to look at alternative methods of transportation – there is a craving for a means of slowing down and coming back to our roots. It’s the same feeling we get when we’ve been removed too much from the outdoors and long to return to the bush, prairies, desert, ocean, rivers, lakes, tundra, etc.

Anyway, onto the bike specs!


It’s a lightly modded Specialized Hardrock that I purchased in 2010. It was the most I could afford at the time, but it fit all my needs for a reliable trail runner and commuter, with 21 gears to tackle the hilly (and sometimes menacing) terrain. The mods are BB7 mechanical disc brakes, a nice upgrade from the standard linear-pull brakes, and Specialized Alex Rims HR 26, which are a bit more resilient than the stock rims. Sometime I may also replace the fork…the shocks feel a bit too springy on uneven, rocky ground. Yes, this bike is a hardtail, meaning it doesn’t have rear suspension, and therefore isn’t built to withstand the stress of jumping or hard riding on challenging trails. However, hardtails are often a lot lighter and less expensive, and they are built for cross country travel.

Cycling is a cardio-intensive exercise, and I am starting to regain the endurance that I used to have. So, stay tuned for upcoming bush-bike ventures :).

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