New Snowshoes, Wildcamping Along the Ives’ Trail

Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday break :). I know I sure did, Santa brought me a pair of LL Bean snowshoes :D.


They are a welcome addition to my kit and will be replacing my older pair, a cheap set made by Alps, which have worn out. Unfortunately, Santa didn’t bring any snow, only rain and unseasonably high temperatures.

Still, the holidays allowed me to get out for a bit and explore some spots that I hadn’t yet been to. A section of the Ives’ Trail caught my eye, and so I packed my rucksack and headed out for an overnighter. The entire trail is about 20 miles long, connecting around 3000 acres of open space and undeveloped land in the towns of Bethel, Ridgefield, Danbury, and Redding. Now, I’m not one to post often about my trips in detail, because most of my camps are stealth, and I prefer to keep my locations private. Perhaps in a later post I can give some information and useful tips I’ve picked up from my experiences stealth camping.

The site I chose to set up was about 200 yards away from the trail, along the shoreline of a beautiful, quiet pond, with a chattering stream running below, and in the midst of graceful Canada Hemlocks.



The soft, mossy ground was dotted with Partridgeberries…the small, red fruits are edible and have a mild flavour reminiscent of bubblegum. They ripen during the autumn and remain on the plant through winter and into spring.


This is my shelter setup, a 3×3 meter DD tarp configured into a laavu. There is enough room inside for 2 people and their kit…for one person, there is ample space.

The night was quite windy and sharp. I stayed relatively warm except for some cool spots inside my sleeping bag. I’m not sure exactly how chilly it got, but when I awoke the next morning, I found a few specks of frost on the outside of my tarp.

Here’s the view of the morning sun…


This is definitely a place to come back to, secluded et sanctum :). Hopefully there will be snow on the ground when I return.


As always, Leave No Trace ;).

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