New Snowshoes, Wildcamping Along the Ives’ Trail

Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday break :). I know I sure did, Santa brought me a pair of LL Bean snowshoes :D. They are a welcome addition to my kit and will be replacing my older pair, a cheap set made by Alps, which have worn out. Unfortunately, Santa didn't bring any snow, only … Continue reading New Snowshoes, Wildcamping Along the Ives’ Trail

LK-35 Rucksack Modifications

When it comes to affordable pack options, most folks favour surplus military rucksacks because they are usually good quality and relatively inexpensive, though this often comes at the cost of comfort and weight. The medium ALICE pack, though popular here in the States, weighs in at around 6 pounds 8 ounces/ 3 kilograms (with the … Continue reading LK-35 Rucksack Modifications