Primitive Bushcraft: Vine Basketry and Weaving

Containers are undoubtedly an essential part of our kit, and in this luxurious modern world, we have access to all different sorts of materials with which containers can be made from. We can buy robust stainless steel kettles and ultralight titanium pots for cooking, slim rubber and PU coated nylon washing basins which fold flat … Continue reading Primitive Bushcraft: Vine Basketry and Weaving

Apple Harvest and Cider-making 2014

Besides collecting pumpkins, this is the season of apple-picking. Probably no other time of year unites us New Englanders as much as the harvest days. These gatherings are not only to reap the bounties of the year, but to also enjoy ourselves with friends, family, co-workers, newcomers, and strangers. This sense of community is deeply … Continue reading Apple Harvest and Cider-making 2014