Late September Beauty

The forests have come alive to greet the new season – trees painted in magnificent fiery colours, and leaves dancing in the wind like silent ballerinas. And with every step I take, my nostrils are filled with the spicy, salubrious fragrance of fallen leaves and hickory husks. This is the time of year we in the northeast treasure with each passing day.

So, I thought I would share with you some of the vibrance of Autumn :). All of these photos were taken in a woodland where I work for the National Park Service as a volunteer.


The dominant tree in these woods is, without a doubt, Sweet Birch (Betula lenta).


One of the many off-shooting paths – this one is part of a 2 mile loop.



The above two pics are sections of the main trail, a gently sloping descent.


And heading back out from under the trees…this is a place where wild turkeys congregate in the early morning when human activity is low.


Young Sugar Maples (Acer Saccharum) flaunting their seasonal foliage. In about a week, the yellow shade will become blaze orange.


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