Nature’s Waterstones

Keeping your equipment in tip-top shape is undoubtedly necessary for your own comfort and safety, and nowhere is this point more stressed in the Bushcraft Community than in the functionality of your cutting tools, particularly when it comes to sharpening. As such, many outdoorsmen/women take pride in their blades and the maintenance of a keen … Continue reading Nature’s Waterstones

New Compass, some Orienteering, and a Wildlife Surprise

I decided it was high-time I got back to compass exploration and refresh my orienteering skills. The last time I used a topo map and compass for “serious” navigation was in high school, as part of my Air Force JROTC course. I had purchased a Silva Ranger CL and it worked fine for awhile, but … Continue reading New Compass, some Orienteering, and a Wildlife Surprise

Review: Martiini Arctic Circle

Martiini is another respected Scandinavian manufacturer, with a long tradition of making quality blades in Finland since 1928. Here in the States, they are more known for their excellent filleting knives sold under the Rapala brand, but they also make superb folders as well as traditional puukkos, such as the Arctic Circle. It has a … Continue reading Review: Martiini Arctic Circle