My New Kuksa

I am now the very happy owner of a Finnish-made kuksa that I won a few weeks back in a contest hosted by NaturalBushcraft, of which I am a forum member…and what a beauty it is!


I’m not exactly sure what type of wood it was carved from, but I believe it’s some type of birch. For those who are not familiar, kuksa (also called “guksi” and “kåsan”) is a Finnish traditional wooden cup which has origins with the Saami people. They are quite popular all around Scandinavia, and are now becoming a growing trend amongst outdoor enthusiasts in other parts of Europe as well as Canada and the US.


I have another kuksa made by Kupilka which has been a faithful companion for nearly a year now, made from recycled pine fibre and plastic. It has a more traditional shape (the finger-hole design was added to kuksa production in order to appeal to tourists, and historical kuksas had a slight lip at the rim in order to keep liquid from spilling out) and is a bit lighter, but I love the feel of this new kuksa…especially since it is all wood. ;)

I know most folks tend to use their kuksas for coffee or tea, but I decided to do things a little differently, cooking up some red quinoa for its first ‘cuppa…yum yum


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