Quick Update

Apologies for not having posted anything for the last few weeks – my laptop was acting up and giving me much trouble, and I could not upload photos. It is currently in the final stages of software repair, so things should be back in order shortly, and I will be posting as usual soon.

GoBotany…an Online Guide to Plant ID

Just thought I’d share with you all a wonderful source for identifying plants and trees of this part of the northeastern US - https://gobotany.newenglandwild.org/ I have found it incredibly useful for pin-pointing individual species, as many field guides often list only a few common varieties of a specific plant genus. Gobotany has a ‘Simple’ and ‘Full … Continue reading GoBotany…an Online Guide to Plant ID

Survival Knives

There has been much discussion over recent years about survival knives, fed by the enthusiasm generated through popular TV shows such as ‘Man vs. Wild’, ‘Dual Survival’, ‘Survivorman’, and others. Many will say that the knife is the most important tool in wilderness survival, and while I can agree with this statement up to a … Continue reading Survival Knives