An Introduction and a Few Thoughts

Greetings, fellow bloggers, Bushcrafters, backpackers, and outdoorsmen/women :) . My name is Jon, and in this blog I will be sharing with you my knowledge, outdoor experiences, reviews, and new things I learn along the way. I believe that there is never a point at which one can know everything there is to know about the wilderness – you are forever a student of the bush…as Horace Kephart once spoke, “In the school of the Woods, there is no graduation day.”

I am not paid by anyone to post, nor will I endorse products for the sole monetary benefit of a company. I will, however, give you my honest opinions, and do my best not to ramble :P.

It is my belief that Nature is the greatest Teacher of all…not cruel, “unforgiving”, nor a force which must be tamed. But She will unleash Her wrath upon those who underestimate Her power, venturing into Her realm ill-prepared and ill-mannered. Yet She may spare the fool, if the person is quick to adapt to the situation, put aside their ego, and learn. She is the Mother of the Primitive folk, tribal peoples who have lived in Her domain for years untold, and lover of he/she who respects Her and nurtures Her realm, ever willing to learn more, always with an open heart and mind.

2 thoughts on “An Introduction and a Few Thoughts

  1. I have a suggestion relating to your “7 tarp shelters” blog. The summit/enclosed wedge is awesome, and I have made one myself using a 12×12. Have you thought about using a 12×24 to create either a two room (lose fold in the middle) or an open (folding both sides to the left or right) to create a tent with enough room for two?

    The idea would be to stake the center of the back 24′ side, the center of the front 24′ side, 6′ to either side on the front and add a single 6′ pole in the front where the center stake is. Pull the middle of the 12′ sides to the top of the pole and now you have an enclosed a frame. You could even stake one of the “doors” closed as the grommets “should” line up perfectly.


    1. That sounds pretty cool…I daresay it could work. For my purposes, a 3x3m (about 10×10 ft) tarp is spacious enough for my needs, since I often backpack solo. But the 12×24 plan would be great for 2 people sharing the same space.


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